How to effectively use tech trends to drive earned media performance

AI, predictive text and other emerging tech trends to watch.

AI is having an impact on PR

As newsrooms contract, more and more journalists are becoming freelancers and free agents. Stories can be less driven by great narrative or through media relationships but instead through search with reporters being evaluated on clicks, likes and shares alongside affiliate marketing partnerships. These headwinds, alongside new forms of media, have disrupted the way you pitch journalists. Today, PR pros need to demonstrate performance using real-time data instead of relying on gut instinct, relationships or a “great story idea.”

On Sept. 15, Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet, an AI-driven PR DaaS platform that is part of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud will explore tech trends and offer narrative on each in a FREE webinar. Some of what you will learn includes:

  • How the use of augmented intelligence like machine learning, natural language processing and neutral networks can help PR people pitch media with greater accuracy and success
  • How predictive text will help PR people write pitches and present story ideas that will resonate and be more relevant to target audiences
  • How “narrative monitoring” and contextual analysis are helping to battle misinformation, disinformation and deep fakes
  • And much more

Register today!

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