’s Stephanie Lowenthal changes the game by trusting her gut’s Global Head of Communications talks about showing worth to earn a seat at the table, navigating political sensitivities, having patience and more.


Stephanie Lowenthal, Global Head of Communications at, has been named one of Ragan’s 2023 Game Changers, sponsored by Omnicom, an honor that recognizes trailblazing leaders in the communications and PR industries.

Stephanie Lowenthal’s 20 years of communications experience spans in-house roles at organizations like Trivago and Nasdaq’s Listings Group and MarketSite, as well as agency roles at FleishmanHillard and Peppercomm. In her current role she oversees internal, external, executive, platform and investor communications.

“We are building our brand in the US we’ve expanded in the UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, all over the Middle East, Europe,” Lowenthal said. “For me, it’s really exciting to be at the beginning levels of building,”

Her career has taken her all over the world, from the University of Rhode Island to New York City, Düsseldorf and her current post in London. She was honored as a member of Ragan’s Top Women in Communications Class of 2022.

To set the stage for her recognition at Ragan’s Future of Communications Conference, Nov. 6–8 in Austin, we asked Lowenthal to share her advice for future comms leaders, challenges to prepare for and more.


You’re a member of the executive leadership team at Builder.AI. How did you earn that seat at the table?

Along with showing worth, it is imperative for the C-level to think of comms as the first line of defense to corporate reputational issues and because of this, we need a seat at the table.


What are the biggest challenges you see for communicators in the future?

Because of the political state of the world that we’re in now, it’s a very sensitive time. And I think we are quite challenged in ensuring that we are inclusive and allowing people opportunities to feel heard. Also, ensuring at whatever company we’re with, or organizations that we’re working with, that our values and missions stay true with how we approach these challenging times.


What are the biggest opportunities you see for communicators in the future?

It’s a sensitive time. But I also think that’s a quite exciting challenge for us as communicators. Being able to be part of shaping narratives and being part of creating value and showing our value in this time is also quite an opportunity for communicators in the next year or so.


What are some of the most important skills for communicators to master?

Patience and listening are very important. Being able to listen and absorb is a very important skill. In fast-paced worlds and fast-paced environments, the value in sitting and listening is sometimes taken for granted. Because when you listen, you’re able to digest and see different sides of a point of view and be able to make a decision that is articulated in a way that is fair and valuable.

What is your best advice for communicators pursuing leadership roles?

I think trusting your gut is a super important skill to have.  A lot of people follow their gut in really owning their decisions and the direction of the counsel that they provide. Trust that you have the experience. And also trust when you don’t — asking questions or pulling other peers in from different industries is actually a good thing and doesn’t show weakness.


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