2024 Workplace Experience Trends & Insights Report from Appspace

Many employees are back in the office, at least part-time, but employers haven’t yet solved today’s top collaboration challenges in this new hybrid work environment.

One trend within the RTO movement is purposeful consumption of the office. It’s the idea that employees need a good reason to head to the office that goes beyond surface-level incentives. Instead, employees aspire to make meaningful progress in connectivity, productivity and collaboration — foundational concerns employers are still struggling to get right. And it’s not only the in-office experience that requires improvements; hybrid and remote workers also are struggling with many of these same challenges.

The “2024 Workplace Experience Trends & Insights” report from Appspace surveyed 900 U.S. employees and IT managers working at companies offering hybrid and/or fully remote work opportunities. This report on the findings takes a closer look at what has defined the employee experience over the past year, providing year-over-year insights for organizations hoping to build more effective workplaces, including:  

·         How RTO mandates have affected the in-office experience and what employees prefer.

·         ESG rising to the forefront of in-office experiences.

·         Why in-office and remote challenges are overlapping and persistent.

·         Piecing together the employee experience puzzle.

  • … and much more.

Download this free report today. From RTO mandates to corporate social responsibility initiatives to productivity barriers, a common theme emerged — discover it by downloading this report. Its wealth of insights can help you navigate the complex landscape of workplace experience trends and make informed decisions for your organization.